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Playtest Results & Future Plans

You have made the past couple of weeks absolutely incredible with your participation in our first Closed Alpha Playtest tournament! Congratulations to all champions who fought well in the arena to win their very first Rumbler NFTs for free!

Well over 100k battles took place during the tournament. The average daily playtime was 2 hours per day, split in 4 daily sessions. The engagement and retention data measured on this playtest is extremely good, and gives us confidence that we are on the right track!

Your excitement, feedback, and enthusiasm have fueled our desire to keep the community involved in the development of Rumble Arcade even further.

Our first order of business is to finalize the results of the Standard and VIP Bonus raffle. We will announce the winners on our official social channels.

Once completed, we will focus on the development of new content that will bring fresh, engaging, and captivating new experiences.

As we get closer to having a good first iteration that can be shared, we intend to showcase WIP versions of that new content and get you involved in conversations on our Discord so you get to be part of the development too!

Getting to test those new features before anyone else isn’t out of the picture either… We have been told by reliable sources that our OG Playtesters will get to test things before anyone else!

So what are we going to focus on development-wise? Here’s a brief overview of what’s to come in the near future:

1️⃣ More Rumblers! We have heard your love for the existing rumblers and are working to bring even more unique and captivating characters to the game. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome, so keep them coming!

2️⃣ Additional rumble types! To spice up the Rumble events, we will be introducing more ways that allow us to create entertaining and surprising twists. Prepare for unexpected challenges that will keep you on your toes!

3️⃣ We heard your feedback about the surfacing of information that can help have a better understanding of the tactical depth of the game, and this is something we will continuously work on. We already have plans to improve several menus to better surface information about Rumblers.

4️⃣ Content creators help to surface the fun aspects of the game to wider audiences and potential gamers out there. More improvements to the battle replay system will be coming in the near future!

These are only a few of the items we are currently working on and there will be much more! Join our Discord and let us know what you think of the above and what you would like to see added first!

Thank you once again to the entire Rumble Arcade community. Your trust in us and your passion inspire us to push the boundaries of gaming, and we can't wait for what’s coming next to Rumble Arcade!

- The Rumble Arcade Team 🎮


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