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Playtest Raffle Results

Congratulations to all champions who stepped into the arena of Rumble Arcade and participated in our first Closed Alpha Playtest and won rewards!

In total, we have 65 unique winners who got at least one Rumbler from the first Closed Alpha Playtest and a total of 200 Rumbler NFTs! Congratulations to them!

80 of those Rumblers NFTs have been allocated to those who placed in the Top 10 of the seven daily and the Allstar Rumble events. The rarities of those Rumble NFTs ranged from Epic to Common.

The remaining 120 Rumblers were split in two:

  • 60 Rumblers for the Standard raffle

  • 60 Rumblers for the VIP Bonus raffle

The rarities of those Rumblers will be determined randomly at a later stage, around the time we finalize the blockchain integration and airdrop the rewards. The odds will be 66.2% for Common, 24.30% for Rare, 7.75% for Epic and 2.25% for Legendary.

You can check what you have won so far from the Closed Alpha Playtest and if you won prizes from the Standard and/or VIP Bonus raffles on our website.

Simply put your game User ID in the search field and click on Search. You can find your user ID from the in-game Settings menu.


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