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Closed Alpha Playtest #1 Rewards Details

Our upcoming Closed Alpha Playtest will be the first opportunity for the Rumble Arcade community to win Rumble NFTs for FREE! What’s more, we have several different ways for you to win them!

1. Daily Rumble Leaderboards:

Participate in the daily Rumble events to score the highest score possible and place high on the leaderboard.

  • Rank 1 wins an Epic Rumbler

  • Rank 2 to 5 win a Rare Rumbler

  • Rank 6 to 10 win a Common Rumbler

Seven days of playtest, seven opportunities to be in the top 10 and win FREE NFTs!

2. Standard Raffle

You will receive one Standard Raffle coupon for every 1000 points you racked in the playtest leaderboard.

The daily Rumbles you played during the playtest act as a multiplier to your total amount of coupon. The maximum multiplier you can have is 8.

The total amount of coupons you have by the end of the playtest define your odds of winning additional Rumbler NFTs.

3. VIP Bonus Raffle (Flamey holders)

Flamey holders who registered for the playtest are eligible to win additional Rumbler NFTs.

They will receive raffle coupons based on the Flameys and their rarities held at 23:59 CEST on July 16th, 2023. Acquiring additional Flameys after this date will not impact your odds for this playtest.

  • Common Flamey: 1 VIP coupon

  • Rare Flamey: 2 VIP coupons

  • Epic Flamey: 5 VIP coupons

  • Legendary: 10 VIP coupons

Your total amount of VIP coupons is multiplied by the amount of daily Rumbles you played.

Rewards delivery

The Rumble NFTs will be airdropped to the winners at a later stage. More information on this matter will be shared as we get closer to the airdrop phase.


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